Clean Fuel Standard (CFS)

Why this is absolutely the wrong time to impose a Federal fuel standard

As Fairness Alberta has shown, and as most Canadians realize, Canada needs Alberta’s economy. Recovering economically and fiscally from this COVID-induced jobs and fiscal crisis has to be the priority right now, and we cannot afford policies that will set that recovery back.

Unfortunately, the Federal government is on the verge of imposing a fuel standard tax regime (CFS) which will not only target the transportation fuels currently covered by the federal carbon tax, but gaseous fuels like the natural gas homes and businesses use for heat (and electricity) in our long Canadian winters. 

This will hurt almost every industry, but particularly those in Alberta’s oil and gas sector, where the government is currently seeking to jumpstart the economy with a natural gas strategy. 

Driving up costs on transportation and heating fuels will obviously slow our overall economic growth when we can least afford it. One report estimates that “the CFS will result in 30,000 job losses nationally and risks a further $22-billion of capital leaving the country to avoid investment loss.” 

Delaying this fuel-standard tax regime is not enough: Canada must assure investors a world-leading tax on natural gas is not hiding around the next corner.

CFS Petition

Sign here to let the federal government know that Canada urgently needs to focus on restoring productivity to every sector in Canada’s economy and cannot implement a new “fuel standard” tax regime like the proposed CFS.

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